Nataly (nataly_mckenzie) wrote,

TURN OFF EVERYTHING on 1 February 2007 from 19h55 to 20h00!

Take part in the greatest mobilisation of citizens against Climate Change!

The “Alliance pour la Planète” (a national grouping of environmental associations) appeals to all citizens to give the planet 5 minutes respite : everybody to extinguish all their lights and illuminations and turn off equipment on stand-by on the 1st February 2007 from 19h55 until 20h00.

The purpose is not just to save electricity for 5 minutes that day, but to draw the attention of citizens, the media and the authorities to the waste of energy and the need to initiate action! 5 minutes respite for the planet: that’s not long, it costs nothing and will show our politicians that climate change is something which should figure prominently in political debates.

Why the 1st February? Because that is the day on which the latest report of the United Nations Panel of Experts is to be released in Paris.

Please make this appeal as widely known as possible in your own circles and networks ! Please also publish it on your websites and in your newsletters.

Thank you.

More info:
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